A brief Profile -Chetana Conscience of Women

Chetana Conscience of Women (CCW) is a registered organization formed in the year 2011.CCW work for general society with special focus on Women. The organization is working for uplifting and empowering women. CCW is a strong platform which endeavors to create self reliance, self independence, confidence and an opportunity to explore the social environment.

It stands determined to make their vision a world mission. A harmonious, self- reliant and happy society, where women feel free to act confidently, with self-respect & dignity, by awakening the inherent strength of women and providing able leadership for integrated development of the whole society. We are now also expanding our focus on issues and problems faced by children and Men too.

CCW is a happy family of about 300 members and more than 50 volunteers and interns from all age groups.

It also provides a ready made platform to youth contribute for the betterment of society through its flexible volunteer programs and internships. It encourages volunteers from all ages, gender and background to actively participate in its various projects and activities.

We are affiliated to Bhartiya Stree Shakti.FINALCLUBBED


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