Gender Equality – Role of Education and Family

The issue of gender disparity has been a long debatable one, especially in a country like India, where goddesses are worshiped in majority of houses but ironically it is the same nation which experiences innumerable crimes against women and highly unstable and unfavorable Sex ratio.
The basic ethics and morals that the members of a family impart to their young sons and daughters has the most crucial role to play in this regard. It is rightly said that knowledge begins from home and what a child learns in his/her early years of life forms a major part of that.child’s basic nature and reflects basic thought process. So it is the foremost duty of households to sensitize their children that gender plays no.difference in determining a person’s capabilities. When.a child sees no.discrimination based on Sex in his own house he,automatically tends to be open about the idea of giving equal role to women in decision making.
Then comes the role of education in the picture. Elementary education that focuses on making students imbibe the fact that intelligence has nothing gender and giving equal chances to both male and female students to showcase their academic and extra curricular talent boosts the self confidence and esteem of all students equally. It encourages perform.better.and trust their own.capabilities. Teachers should keep.a constant check on how male students behave and interact with their female counterparts.
A child’s intellect and mind that is developed during the early stages of life through family and elementary education, stays with the child forever and shapes him/her as a person. All individuals of the society need to be constantly reminded of that fact that it does not matter if you’re a male or a female, what matters is the.kind of ‘human’ you are and strive to be.


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