Volunteering Experience at Chetana Conscience of Women

Lal mandir centre , Baljeet Nagar

The day started with the sweet bright faces wishing *goood morning maaaaam* in their innocent singing tone.

In the two hour session , one hour was devoted to studies and in the  other hour, fun activities were performed like sports,music,dance etc.
Daily class tests were taken on the lesson taught in last class to ensure proper revision of the concept. The difficulties of the students were caught through the test and then worked upon.
The children were rewarded for performing well in the test and other activities to motivate the achievers to continue the great work and build enthusiasm in other kids to perform better .
This showed great results and kept the kids motivated too.

1908102_811394798946552_5953704273080052612_n”The teaching was not just one sided , it was both ways! ”
Once ,during having a conversation with a kid, i asked her – “you like coming to school even in your summer holidays?”  The kid-“haan didi! Idhar maza aata hai” me-“padhai karne meh ya dance karne meh?” With a very innocent wide smile she replied “dono meh” ! Although she knew that i was well aware that she enjoys dancing the most! She was a very enthusiastic kid , and extremely passionate for dance. I used to motivate her for studies at the sake of dance classes.
The other kid standing behind the girl shouted ” mai tho mummy kee daant se bachne ke liye aata hu” i couldn’t understand his reply and asked him “mummy kee daant? ” he said while explaining ” ghar pe bore hota hu aur aur idhar udhar bhagta hu. Fir mummy daant ti hai.” All the kids started laughing and so did I .

Another kid was standing beside silently ,hearing the conversation. I asked her why does she come to the school in her summer vacations? Her reply took me into deep thoughts 💭
She said “ghar pe acha nai lagta, ghar kaa kaam karna” and she stopped. Maybe she dint find sharing her feelings appropriate or maybe she was told not to speak it up in front of anybody or maybe…
Other kids dint understand and got indulged in their work. The little girl started talking to her friend.
But i could not get my eyes off the girl as i understood what was she trying to convey.
At that moment i felt very helpless , for not being able to help the little innocent hands holding a pencil right now but would be holding house hold stuff at home.
But at the same time i felt proud of the work i was doing in the summer camp which kept the kids indulged in useful and interesting activities. The summer camp was providing the kids with knowledge as well as happiness at the same time in some way or the other.

I am proud to be a part of such an organisation which genuinely works for the betterment of the society.
The experience with the organisation as well as the lal mandir centre has been extraordinarily amazing.


Shreya Jain


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