Aim: To make the women aware of certain basic hygiene tips and to interact with them
Target group: Women of a slum in Paharganj
Strength of beneficiaries: 20 women, 15 kids

The workshop started at around 3 pm and was attended by 7 volunteers of Chetana. The crowd of the area was quite welcoming and cooperative. After knowing the motive behind our visit, they were eager to know what was going to happen. The kids spoke to our volunteers and shared their interests. Women gathered for a small amount of time as they had to get back to their daily chores. Everyone was interactive and shared their issues too.
The workshop started with the basic introduction of Chetana. We explained how germs could affect them and encouraged them to live a healthy life. They were made aware of the harmful effects of not having personal toilets. We were glad to know that everyone had their personal toilets.
Proper method showing how to wash hands was demonstrated. An experiment was also done to show how germs are actually transferred from one person to another.

Women were encouraged to drink clean and boiled water. Keeping water away from germs was also explained.
Basic way to maintain personal cleanliness is to use clean clothes or cheaper sanitary napkins. They were made aware of the risks of using unhealthy materials during the menstrual cycles.
They were emboldened to keep their surroundings clean and to eat fruits and vegetables only after washing them. One must keep their streets tidy and that’s what they promised to do.

The happy faces, the curious minds and the experienced eyes made us learn a glut of things from them.

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