Ek Udaan

“No kid is unsmart. Every kid’s a genius at something. Our job is to find it. And then encourage it.”  – Robin Sharma

Not all the kids get the opportunity to study in fancy schools, have the access to Shaimak Dawar’s dance classes or other extra-curricular activities like singing, sports etc. However, what is common among the kids is the potential and the urge to learn and it is rightly said that most of the development takes place during the early years of life. So, to impart awareness and education ‘Chetana Conscience Of Women’, have started a project “Ek Udaan” in Katyani destitute home for girls at Jhandewalan, New Delhi.


It imparts not only education but also tries to create a space where you can be yourself, a space where you do what you want to do, a place where you ask whatever you want to ask without thinking what would people say. A free space which is required for the kids to be kids.

With the basic aim of social transformation, Chetana focuses on formal and informal education. Formal education provides supportive educational environment to students ages 4-17 in subjects considered essential for life. These areas include English, Maths, Drawing, Moral Science. The informal education focuses on Personality Development through story telling, team building activities, value education, outdoor games, music and dance sessions for young kids.

A team of 2-4 volunteers of Chetana visit Katyani thrice a week. The module for every week is formed with a help of Human Development professionalist which helps in focused learning. Knowing the needs and their wants is the job of the volunteers. Creative activities focusing on life skills are also being practiced. For instance playing, Chinese whisper to improve the communication skills. “Learning through playing” is the principle behind every activity designed for the kids.

Every kid is keen to learn something or the other. Few likes to sing, few loves to dance, few likes to paint and few just likes to study. The team of Chetana tries to bring out the best of their potential.


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