Jingles in the heart and soul

‘Some people have lives, some people have music’- John Green

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One would have never realized the significance of the above lines had one not been a mesmerized spectator at Surr-Chetana. There was something uniquely intriguing about this foggy winter morning of 24th January. It wasn’t just the captivating ringing of the instruments that rejuvenated the soul, perhaps the whole environment was filled with the aura of music.

They say that passion and love are some of the strongest forces in this world. So imagine when the love for music comes out in the form of a synergy emitted by the self motivated team of musicians. These students are tutored and mentored by Parminder Singh, who teaches them music free of cost. You could sit there looking at these talented musicians perform beyond perfection, when you realize that the beauty of certain things are hard to put into words. How can mere wordplay describe such worthy passion which is exuded from their mind, body and soul.

These kids aren’t that fortunate to afford fancy professional music institutes or swanky instruments. They have modest means. But their grit and determination to do something extraordinary is commendable. They don’t demand help. They don’t need sympathy. They just need the correct opportunities and apt encouragement and they would surely make wonders. They have no formal training, yet the kind of show they put up without any supervision was close to perfect.

The event started with a welcome song and gradually escalated to a whole different level of a musical extravaganza. From excellent group performances to spellbinding duets to captivating solo performances, the members of this Punjabi Sufi band left no stones unturned in entertaining the audience and bagging rounds of applauses. You could see the audience fully immersed in the melodies, some clapping slowly and others tapping their feet to the rhythm of music. In order to encourage the students the NGO Chetana felicitated them with certificates of appreciation for their commitment and hard work towards learning music. The senior members of Chetana also shared some pearls of wisdom with the audience.

Indeed if someone had to garner some handy inspiration, then Surr-Chetana event would be one such place. The place which has continued to create a jingle of hard work in the minds and hearts of every soul associated with it.

Tanisha (Volunteer)




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