Jingles in the heart and soul

‘Some people have lives, some people have music’- John Green

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One would have never realized the significance of the above lines had one not been a mesmerized spectator at Surr-Chetana. There was something uniquely intriguing about this foggy winter morning of 24th January. It wasn’t just the captivating ringing of the instruments that rejuvenated the soul, perhaps the whole environment was filled with the aura of music.

They say that passion and love are some of the strongest forces in this world. So imagine when the love for music comes out in the form of a synergy emitted by the self motivated team of musicians. These students are tutored and mentored by Parminder Singh, who teaches them music free of cost. You could sit there looking at these talented musicians perform beyond perfection, when you realize that the beauty of certain things are hard to put into words. How can mere wordplay describe such worthy passion which is exuded from their mind, body and soul.

These kids aren’t that fortunate to afford fancy professional music institutes or swanky instruments. They have modest means. But their grit and determination to do something extraordinary is commendable. They don’t demand help. They don’t need sympathy. They just need the correct opportunities and apt encouragement and they would surely make wonders. They have no formal training, yet the kind of show they put up without any supervision was close to perfect.

The event started with a welcome song and gradually escalated to a whole different level of a musical extravaganza. From excellent group performances to spellbinding duets to captivating solo performances, the members of this Punjabi Sufi band left no stones unturned in entertaining the audience and bagging rounds of applauses. You could see the audience fully immersed in the melodies, some clapping slowly and others tapping their feet to the rhythm of music. In order to encourage the students the NGO Chetana felicitated them with certificates of appreciation for their commitment and hard work towards learning music. The senior members of Chetana also shared some pearls of wisdom with the audience.

Indeed if someone had to garner some handy inspiration, then Surr-Chetana event would be one such place. The place which has continued to create a jingle of hard work in the minds and hearts of every soul associated with it.

Tanisha (Volunteer)




Ek Udaan

“No kid is unsmart. Every kid’s a genius at something. Our job is to find it. And then encourage it.”  – Robin Sharma

Not all the kids get the opportunity to study in fancy schools, have the access to Shaimak Dawar’s dance classes or other extra-curricular activities like singing, sports etc. However, what is common among the kids is the potential and the urge to learn and it is rightly said that most of the development takes place during the early years of life. So, to impart awareness and education ‘Chetana Conscience Of Women’, have started a project “Ek Udaan” in Katyani destitute home for girls at Jhandewalan, New Delhi.


It imparts not only education but also tries to create a space where you can be yourself, a space where you do what you want to do, a place where you ask whatever you want to ask without thinking what would people say. A free space which is required for the kids to be kids.

With the basic aim of social transformation, Chetana focuses on formal and informal education. Formal education provides supportive educational environment to students ages 4-17 in subjects considered essential for life. These areas include English, Maths, Drawing, Moral Science. The informal education focuses on Personality Development through story telling, team building activities, value education, outdoor games, music and dance sessions for young kids.

A team of 2-4 volunteers of Chetana visit Katyani thrice a week. The module for every week is formed with a help of Human Development professionalist which helps in focused learning. Knowing the needs and their wants is the job of the volunteers. Creative activities focusing on life skills are also being practiced. For instance playing, Chinese whisper to improve the communication skills. “Learning through playing” is the principle behind every activity designed for the kids.

Every kid is keen to learn something or the other. Few likes to sing, few loves to dance, few likes to paint and few just likes to study. The team of Chetana tries to bring out the best of their potential.


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Chetana Volunteers Share Joy and Love with the Needy

We   are  blessed  by  the   lord ,  for  he  has  gifted  us  with  adequate  food  provisions  , comfort  of  a  home  and  plenty  of  clothes .  But  streets of  Delhi are  a  home  for   numerous  individuals   of  our  age  and  also  younger  than  us  who  DO  NOT  have  all these  provisions and  live  a  life  which  might  be  innocuous  to  us. To  explore  the  joys  of  sharing  and  to  bring  about  a  wave  of  happiness  on   the  faces   of  little  cute  ones  who  have   surrendered  their  lives  to  the  streets   of   Delhi . CHETANA – Conscience  of Women ( CCW) ,  launched  a  drive  to  distribute  goodies  and  warm  clothes  to  100 deprived  and  needy   children .

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Bejijhak Baatein

With the increased awareness about women empowerment and the urge to bring women up front has bring forth many important issues. Be it their safety, their equal rights or their education. Understanding the actual meaning of empowerment however has become very subjective. According to ‘Chetana conscience of women’ the empowerment begins from knowing about your own body and respecting it.

As we all know, in our society, discussing or talking out about periods/menstruation is a big taboo. Not only boys, but girls also feel uncomfortable talking about it in public. Also, there are several myths attached to menstruation. The beliefs of elderly people are being taken forward by the next generation. However, the truth is, most of it, if not all have no scientific logic behind it and are still being followed by girls blindly. For instance, not talking to boys when you are in your periods, not going to the temple, not touching anything in the kitchen and so on. Keeping all these pointers in mind, we targeted 5th-8th standard girls. The main objective was to make them understand how menstruation is a natural process, why is it important to have them and what are some myths and facts attached to it.


Now, the next focus was to make them aware about ‘being responsible for your own safety’. Very easily we blame our society, our government and other men for women being un safe in India. The blame game has always been very easy to play but, the truth is women are equally responsible for their own safety. Little precaution, little awareness and little presence of mind can keep you safe. Therefore, the objective was to talk about the need to be aware about safety tips and make them aware of the different ways to keep themselves safe at home, school, outside home.


At the end of the session, it was seen that not only girls but teachers also felt more aware and had a lot questions to ask related to periods and safety. Empowering may not always mean to raise your voice against the crime but, also to work at the root level to improve their hygiene, to make them more self aware and street smart.

Meenakshi – The girl who was stabbed to death for resisting Eve teasing in National Capital .

“Mom, a guy has been teasing me since a month now and behaves with me in a very inappropriate manner. I think we should go to the police and lodge complaint.”
“No dear, we won’t complain. You have to be cautious and come home every day before dawn. Just ignore them and they’ll stop doing it eventually.”

“Why should I sacrifice my freedom Mom? The police will take some action against them and I would not have to be afraid anymore.”

“This is what you think my darling. If we complaint to the police and the guy comes to know of that, he’ll take revenge.”

“Why are you saying this mom? This is so unfair. I cannot live like this – so afraid all the time.”

“We have to dear. The world is like this now. A girl tried to take up stand against eve-teasing and you know what happened to her? She was stabbed brutally, 35 times. She is not alive anymore. We cannot risk anything like that by going to the police because the police will not take any action and it’ll give more strength to the guilty.”

This is what the scenario is in houses after the incident on July 16th, when a 19 year old innocent girl was stabbed to death for standing up against eve-teasing in Anand Parbat area in the Capital.

The girl’s family members have alleged that she had been molested by the two accused earlier but despite lodging a complaint in 2013, police had taken no action against them. They also claimed that she was attacked by her neighbours over the two-year-old police complaint. However, the police refused and said that no complaint was filed. The victim and the accused resided in the same area and had a strained relationship and they often fought with each other over petty issues. On Thursday evening, she was waylaid by her neighbours, Jai Prakash alias Sunny and Illu, when she was returning home after buying groceries from the local market. The accused started verbally abusing her and when she objected, they stabbed her. Her mother tried saving her but she also faced severe injuries. When the girl asked the neighbours for help, they refused and threw her out and said that they do not want to be involved in matters like that. The girl and mother were rushed to hospital, where the girl breathed her last.

Is this what the world has come to? If you don’t speak up, you are unaware and stupid and if you do, you’ll be stabbed to death! No wonder Delhi is called the Crime Capital. And who is it to be blamed? Was it the girl’s fault that she took a stand? Was it the neighbours’ fault that they didn’t even help? Or was it the negligence of police? A stitch in time saves nine. If only the police had taken up action when the incident was initially reported, maybe the girl would have been alive today and thousands of girls in their houses would not be so much afraid as they are now to fight for justice. The only thing the girls can do is to suffocate themselves with all the wrong things happening to them and keep mum because that’s how they won’t be stabbed and that’s how the Indian society works. Crimes like this happen every day; every minute and so many of them go unnoticed. There will not be even an infinitesimal change in people’s mindset till men are raised who understand that women are different, and know never to take advantage of that difference.

“The day a woman can walk freely on the roads at night, that day we can truly say that India has achieved independence.” – Mahatma Gandhi


Aim: To make the women aware of certain basic hygiene tips and to interact with them
Target group: Women of a slum in Paharganj
Strength of beneficiaries: 20 women, 15 kids

The workshop started at around 3 pm and was attended by 7 volunteers of Chetana. The crowd of the area was quite welcoming and cooperative. After knowing the motive behind our visit, they were eager to know what was going to happen. The kids spoke to our volunteers and shared their interests. Women gathered for a small amount of time as they had to get back to their daily chores. Everyone was interactive and shared their issues too.
The workshop started with the basic introduction of Chetana. We explained how germs could affect them and encouraged them to live a healthy life. They were made aware of the harmful effects of not having personal toilets. We were glad to know that everyone had their personal toilets.
Proper method showing how to wash hands was demonstrated. An experiment was also done to show how germs are actually transferred from one person to another.

Women were encouraged to drink clean and boiled water. Keeping water away from germs was also explained.
Basic way to maintain personal cleanliness is to use clean clothes or cheaper sanitary napkins. They were made aware of the risks of using unhealthy materials during the menstrual cycles.
They were emboldened to keep their surroundings clean and to eat fruits and vegetables only after washing them. One must keep their streets tidy and that’s what they promised to do.

The happy faces, the curious minds and the experienced eyes made us learn a glut of things from them.

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Volunteering Experience at Chetana Conscience of Women

Lal mandir centre , Baljeet Nagar

The day started with the sweet bright faces wishing *goood morning maaaaam* in their innocent singing tone.

In the two hour session , one hour was devoted to studies and in the  other hour, fun activities were performed like sports,music,dance etc.
Daily class tests were taken on the lesson taught in last class to ensure proper revision of the concept. The difficulties of the students were caught through the test and then worked upon.
The children were rewarded for performing well in the test and other activities to motivate the achievers to continue the great work and build enthusiasm in other kids to perform better .
This showed great results and kept the kids motivated too.

1908102_811394798946552_5953704273080052612_n”The teaching was not just one sided , it was both ways! ”
Once ,during having a conversation with a kid, i asked her – “you like coming to school even in your summer holidays?”  The kid-“haan didi! Idhar maza aata hai” me-“padhai karne meh ya dance karne meh?” With a very innocent wide smile she replied “dono meh” ! Although she knew that i was well aware that she enjoys dancing the most! She was a very enthusiastic kid , and extremely passionate for dance. I used to motivate her for studies at the sake of dance classes.
The other kid standing behind the girl shouted ” mai tho mummy kee daant se bachne ke liye aata hu” i couldn’t understand his reply and asked him “mummy kee daant? ” he said while explaining ” ghar pe bore hota hu aur aur idhar udhar bhagta hu. Fir mummy daant ti hai.” All the kids started laughing and so did I .

Another kid was standing beside silently ,hearing the conversation. I asked her why does she come to the school in her summer vacations? Her reply took me into deep thoughts 💭
She said “ghar pe acha nai lagta, ghar kaa kaam karna” and she stopped. Maybe she dint find sharing her feelings appropriate or maybe she was told not to speak it up in front of anybody or maybe…
Other kids dint understand and got indulged in their work. The little girl started talking to her friend.
But i could not get my eyes off the girl as i understood what was she trying to convey.
At that moment i felt very helpless , for not being able to help the little innocent hands holding a pencil right now but would be holding house hold stuff at home.
But at the same time i felt proud of the work i was doing in the summer camp which kept the kids indulged in useful and interesting activities. The summer camp was providing the kids with knowledge as well as happiness at the same time in some way or the other.

I am proud to be a part of such an organisation which genuinely works for the betterment of the society.
The experience with the organisation as well as the lal mandir centre has been extraordinarily amazing.


Shreya Jain

Gender Equality – Role of Education and Family

The issue of gender disparity has been a long debatable one, especially in a country like India, where goddesses are worshiped in majority of houses but ironically it is the same nation which experiences innumerable crimes against women and highly unstable and unfavorable Sex ratio.
The basic ethics and morals that the members of a family impart to their young sons and daughters has the most crucial role to play in this regard. It is rightly said that knowledge begins from home and what a child learns in his/her early years of life forms a major part of that.child’s basic nature and reflects basic thought process. So it is the foremost duty of households to sensitize their children that gender plays no.difference in determining a person’s capabilities. When.a child sees no.discrimination based on Sex in his own house he,automatically tends to be open about the idea of giving equal role to women in decision making.
Then comes the role of education in the picture. Elementary education that focuses on making students imbibe the fact that intelligence has nothing to.do.with gender and giving equal chances to both male and female students to showcase their academic and extra curricular talent boosts the self confidence and esteem of all students equally. It encourages them.to perform.better.and trust their own.capabilities. Teachers should keep.a constant check on how male students behave and interact with their female counterparts.
A child’s intellect and mind that is developed during the early stages of life through family and elementary education, stays with the child forever and shapes him/her as a person. All individuals of the society need to be constantly reminded of that fact that it does not matter if you’re a male or a female, what matters is the.kind of ‘human’ you are and strive to be.

A brief Profile -Chetana Conscience of Women

Chetana Conscience of Women (CCW) is a registered organization formed in the year 2011.CCW work for general society with special focus on Women. The organization is working for uplifting and empowering women. CCW is a strong platform which endeavors to create self reliance, self independence, confidence and an opportunity to explore the social environment.

It stands determined to make their vision a world mission. A harmonious, self- reliant and happy society, where women feel free to act confidently, with self-respect & dignity, by awakening the inherent strength of women and providing able leadership for integrated development of the whole society. We are now also expanding our focus on issues and problems faced by children and Men too.

CCW is a happy family of about 300 members and more than 50 volunteers and interns from all age groups.

It also provides a ready made platform to youth contribute for the betterment of society through its flexible volunteer programs and internships. It encourages volunteers from all ages, gender and background to actively participate in its various projects and activities.

We are affiliated to Bhartiya Stree Shakti.FINALCLUBBED